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For more than 30 years, Iron Hill Auto Body has been offering prompt, high quality collision repairs at a fair price. We’re honored to have earned - and committed to maintaining – a reputation for being honest with our customers.  Filing a claim can be confusing and frustrating. We work with ALL insurance companies, as well as customers who would rather self-pay. We're happy to assist or guide you through the process.

Choose the shop that’s right for YOU!
If your vehicle has sustained damage and is repairable, you are legally entitled to have it restored to pre-collision condition at the repair facility of YOUR choice; an insurance carrier may not dictate or coerce you as to what facility will do the work. All insurance carriers must honor YOUR choice, whether you are the insured using your carrier or you are the claimant using the carrier of the vehicle who caused the accident.

Steering is Illegal!
Steering is a discriminatory practice used by some auto insurance companies to lure you away from considering any other collision repair shop except for those on their pre-approved list.  Steering takes away your freedom of choice.  Read on to learn more about Direct Repair Programs (DRP):  

Beware of Direct Repair!
If you've been involved in an accident and your insurance company recommends a collision repair shop for your repairs...BEWARE.  The shop is likely to have signed a DIRECT REPAIR AGREEMENT in order to be part of the insurance company's list of "Preferred Repair Shops."

Direct Repair is sold to you as a convenience, but the truth is direct repair programs are nothing more than a discount program created BY insurance companies FOR insurance companies. When a collision repair shop signs a DIRECT REPAIR AGREEMENT the shop agrees to promote the insurance company's best interests...NOT YOURS.  Direct Repair Program shops often agree to write all estimates using imitation or salvage parts and, perhaps most importantly, they agree to make concessions on your behalf without your knowledge. The repairs done at a DRP facility your insurance company "recommends" are usually deeply discounted and often shoddy repairs that you paid full price for when you paid your insurance premium.



Iron Hill Auto Body provides a full range of auto body and collision repair services for all makes and models of automobiles. Services include everything from dent removal to frame straightening and rotisserie restoration. 

We love restoration work and it shows!  Check out our Photo Gallery! If you're in the area, stop by! ...we'd love to "talk shop" with you.  Iron Hill Auto Body is the shop you've been looking for.
We can guide you through a project, handle every aspect start to finish or anything in between.  So...uncover that project car you've been meaning to "get around to doing"...Give us a call... and let's get started!

Please Note:Restoration and custom labor is billed at a higher rate than collision. Traditional auto insurance plans will typically not cover the difference, so please be sure that you have your classic or custom vehicle properly insured. We suggest Hagerty, JC Taylor or other similar specialty insurance companies. Typically, those companies better understand the value of your classic/custom car and they tend to be less expensive. If you do choose to go with a traditional plan, at least get a classic car policy and be sure to understand what it will and will not cover in case of an accident.

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